The History Behind Rockhurst Farm

the beginnings

Dr. John and Nona Hurst purchased the farm in 1992. Dr. Hurst (Doc) was thrilled to have his own hunting grounds plus expand his fast growing bee keeping hobby. It also served as a retreat from an active OB-GYN practice. Nona and their daughters were especially happy to have plenty of land to ride horses.

They purchased the property and learned that the land was home to a native Creek camp ground and a civil war camp. Over the years, it was fun for the Hurst family to collect arrowheads when the fields were plowed. Dr. Hurst even found a canon in the horse pasture.

the farm today

In 2012, a pavilion was built on the south portion of the farm for their daughters wedding. After Dr. Hurst retired in 2015, it seemed logical to move into another business venture which is now Rockhurst Farm Weddings & Events. It has been a fun experience for both of them and a terrific way to share this beautiful land with others.

The Founders

John Hurst

Dr. John Hurst enjoyed a 42 year practice in the specialty of OB-GYN. After retirement in 2015, he became actively involved in the management of the wedding venue. He has received a master gardener certificate and a master beekeeper degree from the University of Georgia. Dr. Hurst enjoys teaching lessons in beekeeping and is an active member and past president of the Jefferson County Bee Association.

Nona Hurst

Nona enjoyed a career as a Nurse Anesthetist as well as being the mother of two daughters. She is a master gardener, floral designer, horse rider and enjoys pottery as a hobby. Over the years since 1984, she has grown a zinnia garden on a large scale as a cut flower business. Nona instigated the bee keeping hobby thirty-eight years ago by purchasing the first two hives as a birthday gift to Dr. Hurst. With her many years of bee keeping and experience cooking with honey, she is presently authoring a cookbook celebrating honey recipes.

Rockhurst Farm Honey | Photographs by  Jeremy Villar Photography

Rockhurst Farm Honey | Photographs by Jeremy Villar Photography